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Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Greenwood

Child swingingYou’ll love how quickly your kids respond to chiropractic care. At the office of Dr. Erin Jacobs DC, we love seeing our young practice members who sleep through the night, go to the bathroom regularly and focus better in school. They report fewer injuries, get sick less and don’t have digestive problems. Our goal is to make sure that all pathways in their body and nervous system are clear so that they can grow into their optimal potential.

As an adult, you have decades of bumps, bruises, falls and stress on your nervous system. A child, however, is starting with a clean slate. We want to keep it that way. All of us want our children to have the best possible life. That means making sure they’re as healthy as they can be. With our quick checkups, we can ensure that your child isn’t affected by any common issues.

Special Needs Children Welcome

Dr. J is your special needs specialist. If your child has special needs, know that Dr. J is extremely qualified to work with this population.

It took Dr. J a decade to come to terms with her daughter Maggie’s diagnosis as a high-functioning autistic. Maggie went through physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The experience left Dr. J feeling as if there was a gap in care. There is an opportunity to have better communication about the care and options for special needs and open doors for you to think outside of the box.

For your first appointment, we’ll have you come in alone without your child to go over their history, therapies and medications. We know your child might have a difficult time sitting through this type of appointment. We’ll welcome them back for a second visit to begin their care.

Our Gentle Techniques for Kids

Soft, hands-on pressure is all you need to adjust a baby. You can liken it to the pressure you’d use to test the ripeness of a peach. Most babies sleep right through the adjustment. If your child is older, we’ll play games while we evaluate them and adjust them. Most of our pediatric practice members enjoy getting adjusted and think that it’s fun.

A Baby’s Success Story

One of Dr. J’s practice members was an infant who hadn’t gone to the bathroom in three days. Our chiropractic assistant, who loves to hold babies, took the infant so that the mom could check out at the front desk. Soon, our chiropractic assistant had to make a run to the store for new clothes—the baby had a much-awaited bowel movement that went all over! Commonly, babies fill their diapers before their parents even get them home from their adjustment.

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